Hello Blogworld!

Oh My Jebus! I Have A Blog!!

Hello Interwebs!!

Jess here! Taking the first few baby steps to getting this blog up & rollin’!


A little bit about your’s truly: I’m a singer, songwriter, guitarist, & many other musical things – currently looking for a band, I’ll keep ya posted! I’m also a part of the amazing IGNITE! Youth Festival 2011/2012; I’m an active member of the Youth Panel in charge of putting the festival together; as well as an active member of the Music, Communications, and Fundraising Committees within the panel. I work as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay Canada. I enjoy long walks on the beach. Ha, ha, ha, I’m kidding. Nah, seriously, I just love life. I’m a very typical 19 year old chick in the sense that I’m dying to fly the coop and pave my own way. But I still have a lot to figure out in my life. And nothing is more exciting than knowing that there is so much more to come! And I’m excited that you’ll be joining me for the ride!

Things are gonna be exciting in the NEW YEAR (Woo!! Party!!)!!! So stick around, Imma make it worth your while! I’ve already created a brand new Artist’s Profile on ReverbNation right here! And that’s just the start of it all! I’m also making a Page on FaceCrack for ya’ll to browse. AND I already have had my Twitter up & running for a while now. Follow me, Tweet me, and I’ll likely follow you back! I’m going to be re-modelling my old YouTube account too. It’s been gathering cobwebs and spiders terrify me. Can’t have that!

In the meantime, we’ll get to know each other. I’ll be publishing new blogs frequently…about random s**t. Expect some blogs about the IGNITE! Youth Festival too!! It’s a huge part of my life right now and I’m super stoked for the future of it!! Some blogs on pet peeves, Causes, Rambles, Movie Reviews, Event News, and of course, any new music updates!

I’m so thrilled to be starting a whole new chapter to my life! And even more enthusiastic with you all by my side!!

Love ya’ll,


Welcome to 2012! – Letter to You

Hey Bloggers!

Jess here.

I thought it’d be fair to let you all know that Jessibled will be put on hold for a while. This month is just insane and I need to cut back on some of my work load – thus, sadly this blog will go on a temporary hiatus.
However, the reasons why it must be set aside are not sad at all! That new beginning we worked towards together at the end of 2011, has begun for me. Big plans are afoot!!
I am now officially the lead singer of the band, Bad Johnny Law; the IGNITE! Youth Panel is starting to do some real work planning the 2012 Ignite Youth Festival; and I have taken the time to update all of my online sites with links to one another (have you taken a look at the new about page?).
Which all boils down to this: I will be creating much more music; You’ll start to see a lot more news about the IGNITE! Festival; this blog might get a makeover from all the new web-design I’m learning while updating the website for the festival; I’m going to have a lot more to talk about; you might start to see some vlog posts; and you’ll be able to find a lot more content on all of my online networks (YouTube, ReverbNation, etc).
Sounds like a pretty awesome year to me!

…Still sad…?

No worries, Jessibled will be back in full swing ASAP. I love you all too much to leave you lonely for too long. And when I can finally return to my beloved blog, we’re gonna rock the blog world!
“Parting is such sweet sorrow.”
See you soon,

P.S.: Want to make 2012 your year too? Start by getting your head in the right space. That’s how your’s truly did it!

Kiss 2011 Goodbye!

New Year; New You

Ringing In 2012 with a Bang!

Part 1: Letting Go

The first part of moving on is making peace with your past. This means different things for different people, so you’ll have to have a little trial and error at first. But don’t give up! You’ll find what works for you, and start to feel the change once you do!

  • Start by reviewing your year, and if need be, write a timeline of all events.
  • Flip all the miserable memories around and think about all the lessons you’ve learned from them instead.
  • Write 2011 a parting letter, and burn or store it! By burning it you are metaphorically and mentally releasing the baggage it has left you.
  • Apologize to people you’ve hurt with no expectations. We feel the need to receive forgiveness, but in reality, you’ve done your part as soon as you choose to be the bigger person and apologize.

Remember: You alone have the power to change your life, and if you stumble or fall, you can always get back up!


Part 2: Write Your Resolution

Everyone makes the mistake of creating their New Year’s resolution on the fly. A resolution can be a great way to set the tone of this next year. If you are serious about your resolution, take time, think it through, and set one that you actually want to achieve. Give yourself a couple of days to create the perfect resolution.

  • Make a list of the things you want the most in your life – think big without limitations! Don’t even consider the idea of getting a new partner! Think of things that will change your life for the better, and help you be what you always wanted to be.

I. The one you should pick will jump off the page at you! It will feel like your whole reason for existing. And you won’t need anyone else to tell you which one to pick. If none of them are, you’re not digging deep enough!

  • NEVER tell yourself you can’t, or listen to anyone who says you can’t. You’ll spend months trying to regain the mileage it will take off your momentum.
  • Work backwards: Begin with you reaching your goal, then break down what it will take in the days before you reach it, the month before, months before that, and come up to the start of January. Mark your calendar/phone/whatever with deadlines for the things you think up.
  • Quantify each deadline whenever possible. Eg.: “Lose the last 10 pounds by August.”
  • Be honest when setting your goal & deadlines, but don’t sell yourself short.

I. If you feel like you’re setting goals that are too easy for yourself but don’t have enough faith in yourself to raise the bar, write out a list of 30 things you kick ass at/love about yourself.

  • Get any & all supplies you’ll need to get started right away! OR plan to get them (more deadlines/dates to add to your calendar).
  • Create a checkpoint 6 months in with a checklist of things you needed to have done, and rewards!!! Give yourself something amazing for coming this far! You’re doing great!
  • Tell the world! Now that you’ve made a fantastic New Year’s Resolution, share it with everyone and anyone!! You will be motivated by talking about it, have the support from your loved ones, and be able to share your progress with them!

Have no fear when setting your new goal and you’ll have nothing to regret when it’s all said and done!

Last, but not least, raise a glass to your brand new life at midnight on New Year’s!